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Available Pigs

Join us in preserving and enjoying kunekunes!

Available Gilts:

Click name for more info.

Available Boars: 
Click name for more info.

Available Companion/Pets:

Included with Purchase of Registered Kunekune:

  • DNA/Registration of pig with AKKPS
  • Universal Microchip
  • 21 Day Health Guarantee of Unaltered Pig
  • Mentoring and support regarding pig care/business
  • $50 Discount for each multiple

Non refundable, 1/2 of pricing. Remainder is due upon pick-up. If you currently do not have pigs, a minimum of 2 are required for purchase since the pigs are herd animals and need companionship. Please check with local municipal requirements in regards to pet pigs, if applicable. 


$550  for registered gilts (8+ week old piglets)
 for registered boars (8+ week old piglets)
 for barrows/pet quality registered kunekunes (vet castration/spay contract)
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